Able has provided a large number of Microwave Systems for Remote Locations.

  • Drilling company operating in 400 square mile area served with a licensed microwave radio back bone.   Distribution to Land Rigs using unlicensed WiMax Radios with trailer mounted crank-up towers.  Fixed sites and back bone configured with Route Diversity
  • Offshore Platforms connected with licensed microwave radios in a Loop Protected Configuration.  Multiplexers and Alarm System provided.
  • Pipeline company security cameras and intrusion detection connected to the company network over unlicensed microwave radios.
  • Overseas production facility with ten sites linked together with a combination of 150 MB backbone system and 10 MB feeder links.

Complete Systems Including:
  • Transceivers in Redundant Configuration    
  • DC Power System with Battery Back-up
  • Alarm System & SNMP Network Management
  • Relay Rack, Cabinet and Outdoor Enclosures
  • Antenna & Cable / Waveguide
  • Lightning Arrestor, Grounding & Surge Protection
  • System Documentation and Training

Installation and Maintenance

  • Able performs site surveys, path engineering and system design.
  • We work to identify local assets of towers and local contractors.
  • On site training and on line support are provided to the local contractor.
System Monitoring
  • Able uses SNMP Alarm systems to monitor system and maintain Maintenance Logs.