Emergency Response & Public safety

Able has designed, built and delivered many mobile Emergency Response Communication trucks, vans and trailers for petro chemical companies and environmental responders.

Most are outfitted with onboard generators, airconditioning, motor operated towers, telephone PBX, multiple repeaters, dispatch consoles, private wireless local area netork, video conferencing, VSAT, satellite and microwave telephone, etc.

With a fully loaded trailer you can pull up on site and quickly setup a command center. Add Transportable cases with portable radios, wireless access points, repeaters and telephones, and you have powerful communication hubs in the field.

Transportable Packages

Systems packaged in Transport Cases with a mix of Two-Way Radio, Satellite Communications and License Free WAN Access Microwave with Power Protection. Installation Kits with Cables, Connectors, Mounting Hardware and basic tools and test equipment.

Trailer Based Systems: Trailers to 48 foot Semi Trailers with office and work spaces. Racked and shelf mounted communications equipment with wiring harnesses. Telescoping Masts for Antennas. Documented command center operations.

Tower Trailers

Equipped with Generator and Power Protection Stowage for Equipment and Cable.


Able provides technicians and field engineers for Installation, Maintenance, Training and Operations Support of Emergency Communications Systems. This includes Drills as well as actual events. Able has received awards from customers for performance.

Rental Equipment

Able typically maintains an inventory of Portable I.S. Radios, Mobile Radios, Repeaters and Satellite Phones as well as other specialized communications equipment.

Public Safety

  • Two-Way Radio Systems and Accessories
  • Microwave Radios
  • WiMax + WiFi with security for Mobile LAN

City Governments

  • Two-Way Radio Systems
  • Microwave Systems to link operations